5% Discount on Mixed Cases. 10% Discount on Un-Mixed Cases


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At every price level, an outstanding selection
of wines chosen by John Hoskins MW


  • Mixed Case 1: August/September £12 TASTING CASE
    A mixed case, at a big discount, this month at an average of less than £12 per bottle. We tend to feature newly listed wines. Many of our customers have this delivered to their home bi-monthly. (If you can't see the wines below, click on the title above).

  • Mixed Case 2: ROSÉ TASTING CASE
    A case of dry, light, lively rosés from 6 different producers (3 Italian, which is perhaps surprising) - averaging exactly £10 a bottle.
    (If you can't see the wines below, click on the title above. If you would like any variation on our regular cases, please just let us know.)

    3 bottles of each of our 2 big-sellers, then a selection of other, interesting options to stretch your horizon within the category of this most popular of grape varieties.

  • Mixed Case 4: 'PREMIUM ROSÉ' CASE
    A case of some of the best pink wines on the market. How to do summer with sophistication!
    2 fizzy and 4 still; all delicious.

  • Mixed Case 5: SUMMER REDS - to drink cool
    Six light but fruit-filled reds which you can drink chilled or at room temperature to suit your preference, all of which will be perfect at lunchtime or on warm summer evenings.

  • Mixed Case 6: August / September £15 tasting case
    Like the first of our mixed cases, this is a broad-ranging case which can also work well as a bi-monthly order, introducing you to new wines and styles. After discount the average price is around £15 per bottle - the price point at which wine can get really interesting!
    Give it a try and see what you think....