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Fizz - CRÉMANT DU JURA, Château Béthanie. Jura, France

CRÉMANT DU JURA, Château Béthanie. Jura, France

Bin: 23
Alcohol Percentage: 12%
Area: Jura is in eastern France, near Switzeraland and this wine is actually from Arbois, the main wine producing commune within the Jura.
Jura is mainly famous for its sherry-like 'Vin Jaune' and the sweeter style made from dried grapes 'Vin de Paille'
Grape Variety: Predominantly Chardonnay, with 2cl of 'Vin Jaune' added as a 'dosage' just before bottling
Producer: The Château is part of the Fruitiere Vinicole Arbois, established in 1906 and claiming to be the oldest co-operative in France. From the agent's website:
Today around 100 members (with an average holding of around three hectares) deliver approximately one-third of the of the AOC’s production to the co-operative. Only twenty members are full time vignerons, whilst another ten have either cattle or other crops. The balance are members with small-holdings or employed elsewhere full-time, working their vines at the weekend or in the evenings. The rest are retired.
Old Bridge Rating: Crisp and fresh, but with nutty, yeasty overtones - a good imitation of aged Champagne.

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