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Rich, intense sweet wines - RUTHERGLEN MUSCAT, ‘Rosewood’, Chambers. Victoria, Australia

RUTHERGLEN MUSCAT, ‘Rosewood’, Chambers. Victoria, Australia

Bin: 954
Alcohol Percentage: 17.5%
Size of bottle: Half Bottle
Area: The town of Rutherglen is in far north east Victoria, founded in the 19th century by gold hunters.
Grape Variety: 100% Muscat A Petit Grains Rouge (also know as Brown Muscat); picked very ripe, then gently fortified and matured in old oak barrels, to produce a lusciously sweet wine.
Producer: A winery started in 1851, now run by sixth generation Stephen Chambers.
Cellar Potential: Not designed for further ageing but will be absolutely fine if kept 5 years.
Old Bridge Rating: Great value - huge intensity for the price. Works well with chocolate or sticky puddings. The Chambers style is actually less sweet than most of its competitors, (sugar is around 230 grammes of sugar, compared to a normal 275), with a distinct rose petal aroma.

£13.50 per bottle
£12.83 per bottle in a mixed case of 6 bottles
£12.15 per bottle in a mixed case of 12 bottles

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