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Serious, dry reds - POSSIBILITY, Betz Family Vineyards. Columbia Valley, Washington State

2015 POSSIBILITY, Bob Betz. Columbia Valley, Washington State

Bin: 501
Alcohol Percentage: 14%
Area: Washington State in the far north east is a strange and unique wine region, all the vineyards in the semi-desert conditions of the Columbia Vally basin, west of the Cascade Mountains.
Cool nights, poor soils and careful irrigation can make some refined wines, in the right hands. At the mid range they are often great value; at the top end only sophisticated producers (like Bob Betz) know how to make fine and elegant wine - as opposed to blockbusters that win prizes in the US but which don't pass any tests over here.
This is labelled as coming from the all-encompassing 'Columbia Valley' but is in fact mainly from Yakima Valley and in particular a steep, south-eastern facing vineyard on the renowned Red Mountain.
Grape Variety: A blend of Cabernet Sauvingon, Syrah, Merlot & Petit Verdot.
Producer: Bob Betz was Washington's second ever Master of Wine and is their guru for all matters of quality and reputation. He makes a range of very fine wines, although local demand is such that prices are undeniably high.
'Possibility' is his wine that can be drunk young, as opposed to his top versions, which are designed for long term ageing.
Old Bridge Rating: An under-stated but utterly delicious statement of the quality possible in Washington State.

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