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Burgundy; Chablis - CHABLIS, Grand Cru Les Clos, Vincent Dauvissat

2009 CHABLIS, Grand Cru Les Clos, Vincent Dauvissat. Burgundy

Bin: 713
Alcohol Percentage: 13%
Area: Les Clos is the most revered of the seven Grand Cru vineyards (which are all spread across a magnificent south-facing hillside next to the town itself)
Grape Variety: 100% Chardonnay
Producer: Vincent Dauvissat is one of the two most sought-after producers in Chablis. Every three star Michelin restaurant feels obliged to list his wines - hence the very high prices. His style is traditional - long-lived wines which are austere in youth but do blossom into nutty, spicy, complex maturity. Having said that, mature Chablis is an acquired taste - the 'mineral' flavours that I might wax lyrical about are fairly weird if you haven't encountered them before
Cellar Potential: Just hitting its peak around 2017/8 and last well for 8-10 more years
Old Bridge Rating: Brilliant. Pity it's so expensive.


£155.00 per bottle
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