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Sherry, Madeira and others - MANZANILLA 'PAPIRUSA', Lustau. Sherry (Half bottle)

MANZANILLA 'PAPIRUSA', Lustau. Sherry (Half bottle)

Bin: 943
Alcohol Percentage: 15.5%
Size of bottle: Half bottle (37.5cl)
Area: Sherry comes from Jerez in south west Spain but Manzanilla comes specifically from the small coastal town of Sanlucar. One is supposed to detect a 'salty tang' in a good Manzanilla. This may be partly folklore, but it's true that this has a delicacy and zesty freshness beyond what you would find in a standard Fino (from Jerez).
Grape Variety: 100% Palomino, aged under a rather bizarre blanket of yeast (called 'Flor') that preserves freshness whilst also imparting that unique, zingy, dry-sherry-ish taste
Producer: Lustau is a great Sherry house, founded in 1896 and now owned by the Caballero family. Renowned for their 'almacenista' - wines from a very small batch, matured in a private house, named after the appropriate individual family. This is not labelled as an Almacenista but is in fact matured for Lustau by the Almacenista Cuevas Jurado, where we tasted it from barrel in July 2017.
Cellar Potential: Drink as young as possibly and finish within 2 days of opening the bottle
Food Match: Dry sherry is a great food wine - especially for prawns, sardines, fresh anchovies and mackerel. Serve very cold
Old Bridge Rating: Perfect example of an under-appreciated classic. Maybe you to have been there to really love it. In the dusty sunshine, with a bowl of olives and a siesta beckoning after lunch, nothing beats the midday glass of Manzanilla

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